torsdag 24 januari 2013

Halou – Today

To live alone is the fate of all great souls.

onsdag 9 januari 2013

Jonathan Jeremiah – Gold Dust

A long time,
It took a really long time,
To settle down,
Finding the right one,
Between the mass.
But I found you,
The love of my life.

"Something's very wrong,
but it's some form of gentle insanity"
You said it once to me,
And that's maybe true.
because after all we been through.
Noone would be sane.

But after the crash of feelings,
The shattering of toughts.
The insecurity of the mind,
The temptation of greed.
Our hearts connect.

eveything went into silence,
And we could actually see eachother.
Without the fear of not being ourselves.
And we noticed.
It was you all along.

You who where my everthing.
My smile,
My bright eyes.
My sunrise,
My gold dust.