tisdag 31 december 2013

Dear friend, you I loved for years.
You who shared my pain,
Who knew me like the back of your hand.
The one I called soulmate.
Thank you for holding me close,
But there is no future in sight,
And I know you hold me close. 
Because only I understand.
But now, I am going to let go.
I am not needed here any more.

My love, you who have been mine for the last year.
Someone who actually cared.
Someone who saw the real me from behind your glasses.
Thank you for letting me take care of you,
I know you have it hard sometimes,
But I am not needed anymore.
And I am now closing the door back to you. 
I know you will never love me again,
And neither will I do it to you. 
Because I know,
That's what you would have wanted.

My only And real friend.
I know you won't be reading this,
But thank you for listing to me all these years.
I won't speak anymore.
But I am grateful for our time together.

My journey is about to end,
But someone else will take my place,
Tomorrow, you will take my place.
And you will be selfish,
Only to let me survive this time. 

I will look back here,
And know I did the right thing.
What about you?
You will never know. 

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