torsdag 26 december 2013

I am trying to write, 
The best I can. 
But I don't have the strength nor the words.
Still, I will do my best,
Because you asked me to.

Think this as a letter, 
Page of paper,
Ink splatter and bad writing. 
That's just what it is.
A letter.
One I regret writing.

I will take my leave,
I do not have place to call home. 
I have lost you,
As have you,
Lost me. 

You are going away, 
To a new place, 
New friends, 
A new life.

I am trying harder,
Study what I need.
Becoming who I am suppose to be.
In all this rush,
We lost grip of each other.

I can't hear you voice calling anymore.
Our souls seems to been drifting apart.
Today I understand.
That this was the right choice,
For the both of us.

I won't be seeing you again my friend.

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