tisdag 10 december 2013

Your words finally came.
After such a long time,
I was able to get you to write to me.
Words from the heart,
Those I am used to.

Its hard to write about things,
Especially my feelings for you.
Because they are absolutely everywhere.
But I want you to be able to understand.

No one have ever been able to change my life as much as you did.
You still do it from time to time,
I know you are not able to see it.
But our little conversations means alot to me.

You may be another person now,
But your eyes are the same,
I know how to make you laugh.
I know what makes you cry.
How to hold you,
How to be someone you need.

If I ever get married, It is you and you know it.
If I ever die, It will be at your side.
I miss you, so much.
Becuase, you are the only angel in my life.

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