söndag 19 januari 2014

A night of silence and bright street lights gets me on the edge.
Freezing down to nothing,rattling bones.
Not a single spark of life as long as the eye can see.
A mind so blank, the only thought that comes up.
"You really fucked up this time"

The heart still follows the beat of the song.
Ears are ringing and the lips crack.
So intoxicated, the feet seems to go their own way.
Everything is so blurry,
I can't remember a thing,
Only that there are more bruises and wounds than before.

It seems like I have used my last lifeline,
No where to run this time.
A world against my loneliness,
Breaking and shattering.
The last promise,
Seems impossible to keep..

Walking a city so empty,
Bloody and bruised.
I won't make it home tonight,
As I write these words,
To a world that don't listen.

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