torsdag 2 januari 2014

Feel the touch of grass against your fingertips.
The fresh smell of the sea,
And the warmth of the sun high above.
If you open up your eyes,
The sky opens up over you.
A pair of clouds floats by.
Everything is so quiet,
You only hear us breathing.

Your head in my lap,
Sleeping so peacefully.
Gently pulling my fingers through your hair.
It feels like the world stopped spinning.
Time itself slowed down.

Thinking of you,
I started to hum on the song.
The song you called our.
Only after a while,
To feel your hand against my cheek,
As my eyes look down,
Is greeted by your beautiful smile.

Lips against each other,
The weak scent of peach. 
To see your crytal clear blue eyes.
To feel your heartbeats.
All these things,
Make me understand,
Why I love you.

As the sun is slowly going down,
And as I get up and take your hand.
I take a mental picture.
To keep for days as these.
And I remeber.
I love you.

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