fredag 24 januari 2014

Once upon a time,
I knew a little girl with peculiarly red hair.
She was afraid of the world outside,
"Nothing good will come from such a scary place"
She told me that she was wounded,
And felt that where ever she turned,
There will be a hating gazes against her.

"I to am quite the loss to the world" I told her.
"but I will help you find a path,
A way to get through the never ending days." 
And I promise you, 
Over the years with her,
She taught me more that I ever did to her.

Once I would told you that there is nothing to live for.
But now I know of colours of the sunset,
Music in the night,
Feelings of love and caring.
I may have helped you to care and see the world,
For how beautiful it can be.

But you sculpted me,
Into a fine loving person.
I wouldn't be here today,
If its not for you..

I promise to paint your life in all the colours of the world,
Just as you saved me.

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