onsdag 12 februari 2014

Just ordinary.
Nothing special.
Not even something that stands out a bit.
You would not recognize,
Nor would you care.

It's like a thick smoke infront of me,
My goals and everyday life.
I get caught coughing,
watery eyes.
But for some reason,
It seems like I am the only one,
Only one seeing it..

And as always,
You just can't smile.
Even if you are laughing and having fun,
Something deep within reminds you.
"You are not allowed cheerful times"
One last thought,
Before a ocean of darkness swallows you.
Drowning your mind.

Becomes cold without a reason.
And everything you actually wants,
Is open arms to rest in for a while.
But why would anyone notice?
When I am not able to ask for help?

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