måndag 24 februari 2014

It takes time to see. It takes time to notice.
And I have always been a bit slow at these things.
Ofcourse it would only be a moment before I realise but,
It's hard to accept loneliness.

It's not a choice, and it irritates me.
It annoys me that everyone seems to turn the head and walk away.
Won't listen, won't answer, won't see.
I guess it is only right to blame myself,
I mean, something wrong must I have done.

I am used to hated, I am used to be bullied, I am used to be thrown away.
But I am not used to be left alone.
Where do you turn, when your friends don't see you?
Or where do write, when no one reads?

Ah, I feel lonely.
But I guess I just need to deal with it!
in my own way..

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