torsdag 27 februari 2014

I have no words for the moment.
Nothing to write about, nothing to feel.
Time itself moves as always, but I stand still.
I have no reason to move on. 
Or I don't see the reason atleast..

Back when I was younger, this would freaked me out.
End up crying in the corner for hours.
But back in reality, a long sigh is what would come out.
The world moves on without me.
And I don't see the reason to catch up.

Maybe something is missing, maybe not.
It dosen't really matter anyway.
I won't change the fact that I am more dead than alive.
As said, I don't have a reason.

You get used to depression.
To pain and torment.
To what ever you suffer from.
Start living with the fear on your back,
And that's okay.

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