onsdag 19 februari 2014

My ressurection into your arms.
A kind of freedom I have forgotten a long long time ago.
Still the city moves on.
the sound of thousands of peoples minds.
And yet, I am only able to see you.
Hear you.
Think of you.

I wish I could see what little I wonder.
The save and protect what little I care for.
Even if it's just to stand next to her.
See her fight her battles.
And be there when everything is over.
To be able to be,
Just what you need.

Our love for eachother is a bit transparent.
We can't always see it, But we know it's there.
Lying, waiting.

If anything,
I wish to see the stars together again.
They remind me alot of you.
My own constellation.
That's you.

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