söndag 23 februari 2014

These years have been a theif.
They have taken what mattered the most to me.
My confidence, my mood and my ability to even speak.
But mostly, my feelings for the one I loved the most.

I adapted, became someone to survive.
Changed my behavior, my looks.
I forgot my name, my place in this world.
Ironic, but I never forgotten hers.

Somewhere deep inside,
I knew I had to keep her there.
Inside my memories she couldn't get hurt.
She would never be able to take harm from me again.

Still, I have a little metal box,
With letters and memento's from her.
I keep them close, because it is the closest to love I ever will be.
And I hope she know, even if she feels all alone in this world.
There is someone out there.
Having a thought about her.
Hoping she is doing okay.

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